Review of Strange Sweet Song by Adi Rule

Strange Sweet SongStrange Sweet Song by Adi Rule

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This book…

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.


It took me seven hours to read this book. Seven LOST hours. I didn’t feel like DNFing another book so I read it, yes, but…

I didn’t even get the point of the story until the very last page. Then, I was like oh okay, nice. I felt like it pretty much only went round and round and was VERY repetitive.

Sing is the daughter of a death opera singer celebrity. She’s newly sent at a music boarding school where she meets new friends, enemies and love, of course.

May I say that there was NO point for Bryan (love interest) to be in the story? I mean, yeah, he is one of the reasons queen bee of the school hates Sing—because she ‘stole’ him *rolls eyes.* Bryan is described as ‘charming’ throughout the whole story. Now let me think…A ‘charming’ character is supposed to charm you, yes YOU reader as well, NOT only the characters around him. Was I charmed? Not at all. He felt so recycled. Every secondary character in this book felt recycled in fact.

At least, it’s a standalone so no need to ask myself do I read the sequel? I didn’t like the book but, still, maybe book two will be better? No need indeed and I’m so happy I didn’t buy this book but simply borrowed it.

Sing wasn’t bad or too girly. But she keeps comparing herself to other singers and we feel her jealousy. It’s frustrating because she has NOTHING to be jealous about. Okay, she didn’t get the part she really wanted but, hey girl, you’re new there and it’s your first year, give yourself a chance. But nooo, she had to steal the lead part as well and use her father’s celebrity. Oh, didn’t I tell you? Her father is a pretty known person in the music industry. So, what Sing wants, she gets.

The pacing was so uneven and we had 4 different POVs. Some chapters had only one page. One single page.

I loved the beginning. I thought it was very exciting especially because this book was my first in the ‘gothic’ genre. I was hyped and captivated because the author added some French lyrics in the story and they contributed to build a compelling atmosphere. But, then, at about 25% of the book, my interest started to decrease and that VERY fast. Because it was the part where I realised that the story is so repetitive and the ‘music’ started to bore me. It was all, oh she practiced, oh she didn’t feel like she belonged, oh but what shall she do? Sing is undecided. She keeps asking herself questions and thus, to us as well. I don’t like when authors do that too much because, hey, it’s not like we’ll take a break and try to answer those. If it’s subtle, then okay but, if it’s not, it’s too much.

The writing, I didn’t like it. It wasn’t my cup of tea. Some reviewers said it was lyrical but, damn, maybe at the beginning, okay, but surely not during the whole book. You know the kind of book that, while you’re reading it, you have to re-read some sentences twice because you realize you didn’t read the words in the same order. Like the writing wasn’t shaped as you felt it should have been. That happens to me quite rarely but this book was one of those.

Overall: not recommended, guys, not recommended…

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